We’re a deeply collaborative team of product designers, brand designers, UX writers, and UX researchers. Together, we untangle complex problems and design experiences that create a more equitable world of work.

No matter what our individual job titles are, we share a set of principles that help us improve our craft and build solutions that create real value for our users.

These shared principles are our guiding light.

We design together

over designing on an island

Spread across timezones and continents, we turn async collaboration into an art form. We listen, understand, and empower each other rather than forcing solutions. We’re dedicated to solving people’s problems and helping each other get better while we do it.

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We solve user problems

over designing cool solutions

Digital design always solves a problem for human beings. Otherwise, it would be pixel art. So we examine problems from every angle before suggesting solutions. We use research and user insights to clarify our assumptions. And above all, we commit ourselves to helping people achieve their goals.

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We test clear hypotheses

over shipping products with unknown value

Insights over intuition. Hypotheses over guesswork. We rigorously test our ideas to make sure we’re solving the right problem. We love getting feedback even when - especially when - it asks us to be better. We ship quickly so we can improve quickly.

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We measure impact

over leaving success undefined

We always clarify what success looks like and how we’ll analyze our impact. We believe defined success metrics elevates our work, keeps us focused, and helps us improve our product faster.

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We stay flexible

over following a rigid plan

The problems we work on are ambiguous. We need creativity, collaboration, and flexibility to solve them. So we continuously rethink the ways we work and embrace changes if they will help us be a more effective team.

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We champion nimble design,

over heavy artifacts

We share work early. We don’t overcook first drafts or work in a silo. We’re dedicated to transparency in the envisioning stages of our work when things can be messy and chaotic. To us, messy and chaotic is an opportunity.

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