About us

We are a group of design leaders and managers – focused on sharing insights and experience with our peers. Our goal is to grow and learn how to practice leadership in companies building their design culture.

We meet around once a month to discuss topics that each of us tackles at one point or the other. We've met on: UX debt, UX research, UX copywriting, OKRs, Jobs-to-be-done and innovation initiatives, hiring designers/design managers, the role of a design lead, and agile for designers.

How to join

If you are in a leadership position, either as a people manager or as a technical lead, please fill out our form.

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After a short evaluation of your application, you will be notified about its status. After receiving confirmation, you will be notified when the meetings will happen. We will be happy for you to join!

How to find us

You can find our members on Linkedin, and on Twitter (for now). If you ever joined an in person or remote session, be sure also to join our Slack group.