What are Design Challenges?

<aside> 💡 Our design challenges are a way to provide inspiration and motivation to anyone interested in improving and experimenting with design. The challenges are a fun way to practice your design skills without needing to commit to a large scale project.


But why though?

<aside> 💡 Practice makes perfect! A little cliche, but keeping those design gears turning is an amazing way to grow as a designer. We asked ourselves "how can we provide an accessible resource for our community to practice and explore design?" - Challenges were our answer.


How do I take part?

We maintain an archive of all challenges to date, feel free to check that out. We also post new challenges every Monday and send them to the community through our email list and through Discord.

To complete a challenge, just send the file or a link to the #showcase channel in our Discord Server. Remember, your submission doesn't have to be a finished project at all - a rough sketch or even just a written idea is more than enough!

P.S. You can complete any challenge at any time, just note which one you're doing in your submission

Challenge Board

We wanted to create a resource to store all of our challenges so members could have a selection to choose from whenever needed. Challenges don't have to be completed in order, they're just our way of providing fun prompts when you're looking for fresh ideas!

Here's a link to all our previous Design Challenges!