Project: Transporty

Design Challenge:

Users want to be able to ship, receive and track packages quickly and easily and to trust that their shipper is taking care of their goods and getting them safely to their destination. I was tasked with taking a globally known brand and reinvent it with a fresh, modern and decidedly more casual, friendly web presence.

My Process:

Competitive Analysis:

As part of the Empathy and Define processes, I conducted research on competitors in the shipping/delivery space and evaluated their offerings. Transporty provides fast, friendly and secure e-shipping services via their online platforms including web and mobile.

UX Analysis:

Users needed a more practical, relaxed user-centric experience from Transporty's desktop and mobile platforms with an easy-to-find interface for tracking packages and more clear direction on how to get assistance and find additional services. They also wanted to hear more about Transporty's story and know that their values aligned with the company's.

User Personas:

User Journey / Information Architecture:

Wireframes, Color Palette, Logo: