What was the last article you read on Facebook? Did you doubt some of the claims?

My team found that while users get most of their news from Facebook, they have little confidence in the legitimacy of the facts and search elsewhere to cross reference the information.

We sought to equip users with confidence in the news from Facebook

Our solution is a news aggregator app called FrontPage that provides fact checking scores, a news organization's political bias, and contextual information.

The Problem:

With the rise of fake news and the prominence of ideological echo chambers within social groups, Facebook's legitimacy as a news source is undermined significantly.

My team wondered how might we ensure Facebook users have confidence in the legitimacy and transparency of the news they’re consuming.

Scope of the Project:

Team of three / 28 days

Mobile App

Wireframed in Figma / Prototyped in Framer

My Role: Researcher, strategist, and designer

2. Research & Analysis

To begin to solve the problem of increasing confidence in the news on Facebook, we set out to understand exactly how news is currently consumed on social media.

We spoke with ten users. Below is a sample of questions we asked: