A basic, spoiler-free description of the entry.

When an entry is first created that is related to another work of a similar type, a simple description like "The second season of Hibike! Euphonium." may be added. This should be removed when a more appropriate description has been added to the entry.

It must be in English and a source should be provided if you took it from somewhere, so long as it's from one of the creditable types of sources below.

<aside> 💡 TIP Descriptions use HTML. Please use <br> for line breaks. Links can be added as so: <a href="website">NAME</a>


Creditable Sources

Sources Example
Official English licensor Crunchyroll
Reputable English news outlets Anime News Network
[Japanese publisher], translated Kodansha, translated
Collectives of people from reputable sites MAL Rewrite

<aside> 💡 TIP A reputable site is one unrelated to piracy or any other illegal activity.


<aside> 💡 TIP [Japanese publisher] is a placeholder for the name of the publisher. Do not literally write "Japanese Publisher". This type of credit is also only for when the description is a direct translation from the publisher.


Non-creditable Sources

Sources Example
Other databases MangaUpdates, Anime-Planet, etc.
Scanlators Mangastream
Fansubbers HorribleSubs

<aside> ⚠️ WARNING Sources should be written in full and not as an acronym. Example: Anime News Network instead of ANN.


<aside> ⚠️ WARNING The list of non-creditable sources is not exhaustive and only illustrates the bigger examples. Anything not specifically mentioned as a creditable source should be considered non-creditable by default. If you are really unsure, however, please explain the situation in your Submission Sources & Notes.

If you don't have a creditable source, you can still use the description you have, but no credit should be given.


Formatting Best Practices

1) HTML Code

<br> is for line break. Always use this whenever there is a line break.

<aside> 💡 TIP <b> and <i> are for bold and italic, but don't forget to use </b> or </i> at the end of the text you want to format.