In this section, you will set up your wallet, deploy the contract on a public tezos testnet and then interact with it using smartpy explorer and

<aside> 💡 As tezos is upgradable, new testnets appear after every 3 months and older ones are made absolute. So, always use the testnets of the latest protocols. Learn more about Tezos protocols here.


Set up wallet

For handling transactions and interacting with a smart contract, you'll need a wallet. Here you'll learn to set up Temple wallet. Temple wallet is a browser extension based wallet, similar to Metamask in Ethereum.

For more details on wallets refer here

Originating the smart contract

For deploying smart contract, follow the steps below:

  1. After running the code, in the output generated, click on Deploy Michelson Contract.

  1. You will be directed to the origination page. Here, select the network to Hangzhounet and connect with temple wallet.

Note ⇒ Select the latest network.