Important Note: To participate in the Seattle Startups Career Fair, you will need to have completed all deliverables.

Themes: Healthcare, Promoting Sustainability, Your Own Idea Visit for more information. You are welcome to change your track as needed.

General information on deliverables:

  1. We have a set of required deliverables: this includes an ideation document, 1 page venture paper, situation response, and pitch deck.
  2. Your team can submit optional deliverables, such as mockups and/or prototypes of your product. This can be a Figma sketch or even include code like a hackathon project.
  3. To accommodate different schedules and any changes for tracks/ideas, we’ll have a final deadline of Wednesday at 11:59PM. All deliverables (except for the final complete pitch deck), optional and required, are due.
  4. See below for what's expected in each required deliverable.

How to submit deliverables:

Deliverable #1: Ideation Document

Regular Due Date: May 14th, 11:59 PM What's expected on this:

  1. Chosen track that your team will be competing in
  2. At least 3 product ideas your team is considering along with short description of each.

Deliverable #2: Venture One-Pager