We will close auditions when we have a full cast.

Thanks for showing an interest in our new and upcoming theatrical happening in North Norfolk, October 2022.

We are super excited about our second year with Haunted Deepdale, our Halloween event and we are very hopeful that this will lead to an annual event.

So, we want to be fully open with you about what we are hoping to create, how we are doing it this year, what this will pay you, and what we expect from you.

Who are we?

Slow Theatre Company is a not-for-profit theatre company that works both in the community and develops new works and artists. We started in 2011, so this is our 10th anniversary.

We have created 3 large-scale theatrical happenings so far but this is our first commercial adventure. Our aim is to:

My name is Danny O'Hara, you can see more about me at www.dannyohara.com and I am the Artistic Director at Slow, the Producer and Director for Haunted Deepdale.

I want to work with the best local cast and crew I can, but I'm going to be straight with you, you need to have a kind heart, a go-to attitude and a good sense of humour. I want a great team, having a good time making great theatre.

Who is Dalegate Market?

Dalegate Market is part of Deepdale Bunkhouse & Rooms and is an independent business with a green ethos, in Burnham Deepdale. They put on large outside events through the year and are keen to provide a Halloween experience. Jason Borthwick is the owner/manager.

The writer is Stephen Keyworth, see more here: https://www.stephenkeyworth.com/

What are we looking for?

We are looking for 3 theatrical practitioners who are multi disciplined, flexible, happy to improvise, keen to work as a team, freelance and can work outside, whatever the weather. This year you will be taking some of the script into Care Homes for 4 days to perform low-key but fun and intimate story telling shows to residents. We will use some time in rehearsal to work on this element of the show. Care Homes will be around Holt/Sheringham/Cromer and Wells. We will share travel and there is a small daily allowance for the driver towards fuel of £20.