Debugging is a big part of any system and SGOAP wants to make that process as fluid as possible.

SGOAP ships with a debugger window

Overview Tab

The overview tab shows all your goals and actions. The key thing to do here is see the relationship between each actions.

<aside> 💡 Click on any state to highlight similar state.



Simply press Plan to see what the Agent will do. But wait, how does it know? You can add simulated states, in another word, you can setup states that you want to see what the Agent will do in and press Plan.

<aside> 💡 You can save and load these states for future use.


Realtime Tab

The Realtime Tab is a place to see what your Agent is thinking in real time! There are other handy usages such as modifying an action and stopping it. Changing the cost and see what will happen.

Extra Information

By default the full breakdown report is not enabled due to performance issues, but in the case you need a lot more information, go to your Agent, expand Planner Settings and check GenerateFailedPlansReport.