Hi - I’m Justin, aka Linear · OCM 77.


I’m relatively new to OCM (joined May 2022), but Danny and I knew each other previously and actually went to undergrad together!

I’m a tech founder. I’ve started multiple venture-backed companies in web2 with a common thread of making a positive impact in the lives of people like moms, families and seniors - and now I’m incubating a startup in web3 & consumer commerce.

I first went down the web3 rabbit hole in late 2021, starting with lurking. When I finally decided to get involved, OCM was the first community I chose. I was drawn to OCM by the members and the mission to build together and do well by doing good - and I ended up reconnecting with Danny!

Since then:

When it comes to the future of the OCM DAO, what am I most excited about?

First I’m excited about how with Season 1, through Prop House and Small Grants, we are really setting up the foundation to unleash the creativity & energy of the community. We will be able to seed dozens of low-friction, low-risk pilots and experiments across the OCM ecosystem around Brand & Community Building.

As a result, some of the ideas already proposed by you include:

All of the above ideas (and many more) came from community members who now want to run with them on their own - and they can get funding and support from the DAO through mechanisms like Prop House and Small Grants. And ultimately the community gets to decide which initiatives to prioritize and feel this extra stake in the process.

This is the power of web3 and what happens when you unleash a funded, empowered DAO around a common affinity and shared mission.

Our first steps towards building a powerful brand