<aside> 🛋️ Office of the Deans


The IHOPU Dean of Men and Dean of Women teams are available to provide support and guidance, whether you need advice about a personal problem or are looking for someone to help with resolving a conflict. They may also help you with additional support for an interpersonal, academic, harmful behavior, or sexual harassment grievance/concern.

Craig Steinle: Dean of Men deanofmen@ihopu.org

Brandi Van Buren: Dean of Women deanofwomen@ihopu.org

<aside> 🛋️ Pastoral Support


The International House of Prayer offers lay counseling, as well as focused ministry in the areas of marriage and family and restoration and recovery through the programs offered by our Pastoral Support (formerly Foundations) department. They serve those who deal with pain in their lives, who have been touched by trauma, or who struggle with addictive behaviors; they offer many tools for pursuing freedom from addictions and life-altering behaviors including programs, classes, and twelve-step groups. Also provided by Pastoral Support are several classes for married or engaged couples, and a group to support the growth of your relationship with your children. Read more »

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