Congratulations on making it through the first week of 21 days of Abundance! Im truly grateful and excited to be together on this journey towards Abundance

I want to express my deepest appreciation of your commitment and for choosing to stay on this ride with me

Yesterday task was super powerful and from now on you have a new agreement with money and with Abundance in general. You may want to come back to your agreement in the days that follow. Read it out loud to yourself, or write it down again in your notebook, to solidify your commitment to it.

This first week you also went through the critical moment with your leadership and groups. If you have any questions about that task (or any others), remember I am here for you

We are ready to do quantum leaps now, so let’s finish the first week of the challenge today.

In your notebook, make a list of people that somehow feel to you that they take away energy from you. Perhaps you have obsessive thoughts about them, unresolved emotions, fantasies about revenge, feelings of hurt, of not being able to let go. Any type of discomfort counts. They can be people near or far from you now, the important thing is what you feel.

This exercise is about recognizing how energy can become stuck and stagnant. So do not get into conflict, focus instead of freeing the energy that is currently bound to these persons.

Get in touch with why you have chosen to add their name, and after you are done with the list, write a blessing to each one of them, a specific blessing, from your heart to his or her heart. Then visualize yourself setting them free


Today’s inspirational quote:

"I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams."

After finishing today’s task it will already be one week since you started the journey of Abundance!

Take some time and look back, recapitulate the process you have been going through and how your effort is manifested in your life. May you be blessed with infinite Abundance today and always xxx