Sunday, May 30th, 2021, 19:06 IST

Only after I started investing I came to realise the actual meaning of compounding. I had heard of it before, never really thought about it enough. Crazy how I generated interest in it just by actually doing it.

I was shocked by my patience regarding all matters related to investments. I religiously read, watched videos, and had regular discussions with my partner. I wanted to know more and was ready to invest my efforts. I utilized my free/ leisure time to learn more about it.

I achieved my first milestone when Papa told me he is proud that I'm handling my finances on my own. It was followed by the second milestone when Bhai started investing, inspired by me. Soon enough, my whole family started talking about this matter regularly. It wasn't just Papa's responsibility now.

I have come to realise learning is a compound investment. Looking back, bits and pieces of what I learn(t) every day, has a huge contribution to whatever I do today. The process seems to be simple and applies across everything - Behaviour, Design, Work, Relationship.

Start -> Learn -> Apply -> Reflect -> Repeat

It's a snowball effect. And there is no hurry or rush. Once you see your knowledge compounding, you clear out the noise and are able to make better choices.

Some fascinating things about this compound investment (learning) that I experienced are:

  1. Adapting to new skills becomes natural to you with time. The friction between the "Start -> Learn" step reduces.
  2. You become patient enough to wait for expected outcomes.
  3. With practice, you apply it (naturally) to all areas of life.

Compound learning is a mindset. I agree.