Good morning angels and happy new moon! We made it to DAY 5 of 21 days of Abundance! Proud of you all

This exercise is fun~

You are the money creator

It doesn’t matter if you have debts or not, take paper (or your notebook) and colored pencils and draw a check, a letter, a card, a proof of a bank transfer, or modify a high value bank bill and put on it the amount you feel you need to ensure that all your debts are paid, and all your expenses are easy to afford.

Bring out your creativity and use colour, drawings, whatever your heart feels like

Feel the freedom of being able to pay off everything and even more.

Call upon the money energy to clear and cover all those expenses and bills.

And while you do this exercise connect to your higher self to help you to expand your vision without illusion or limitation.


Today’s inspirational quote:

'Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream.'


Be Here, Be Now, Be You.

Open your heart to wealth and expansion. And everything will flow in a divine and blissful way. May you be filled with infinite abundance today and always x