Good morning angels !! Congratulations for making it to DAY 3 of 21 Days of Abundance

This task maybe rather challenging for some of you but commitment to the process will yield results if you struggle with this , then please drop a note in my DMs, my advice is power through it :)Here we go~

If you feel called ~ today’s inspired action is to create your own group and to become the host and support person of the for another 21 days.

You will work with the magnetic law of giving and receiving. The law of the movement of energy. Energy needs to constantly be renewed, because energy that is standing still does not flow, and can therefore not bring us back more energy in return.

Today’s task is a decisive junction in this journey and I truly hope that you’ll rise to this beautiful and empowering challenge.

You’re now in charge of forming your own Abundance Group. You’ll then have the task each day to coach and pass on the guidance from Day 1 to the end of the 21 days to at least 3 people.

This task can bring up lots of resistance and can be frightening for some, for the extra commitment in a life already full of tribulations may seem daunting. mainly, it is the ego and its fear of rejection that is the main issue, or perhaps the silent competition with its own representation… But I am confident that if I can do it, you can too!

Are you ready to expand your comfort zone, serve and hold the space for others to grow alongside you?

Go for it and own your leadership in the way you feel.I’m here with you, I fully trust in you and I am ready to support you in this next step 🥰 and feel free to contact me if you have any difficulties with the technical aspects or anything else.


How to create the group?

(These instruction are through WhatsApp and should you want to do this, I can forward all the meditations audio and you can copy and paste from Warde! But feel free to get creative with ways to do it!)