Welcome to DAY 19

The number of the Sun on a full moon. On moon days, Remember to BREATHE, move slowly, meditate, and eat whatever your body is asking. It’s a day for nourishing yourself. Today is a day of love, and within it, self-love as the expression of abundance

Your assignment for today is to look at life, people, yourself, all with the eyes of love.

In your notebook today, write to yourself:

I love ....... (these things) in me I love that I am......(things you see and recognize in yourself) I love that I have ... I love that I am able... I love the way I am... Write at least 10 things for each.

And as completion:

<aside> ✏️ Write


<aside> 📢 Say


<aside> ⚡ Express in action...


We are here to bring and sense a free loving flow towards ourselves, as we are, as love.Bathe in this divine love that you are. Especially as we live in these unknown times it’s all the more reason to bathe yourself in self love.

Feel it in every cell of your body. Awaken to it, as you are nothing but love. And love is all there is.


Today’s inspirational quote:

"Today I remember to love everything and everyone I come in contact with."

I love you all and happy full moon