Moderator: Louie

Note Taker: Shelby & Abbey

Key Takeaways:

summarize 5 minutes before end of brainstorm session

Questions & Discussion Points:

MAIN QUESTION 2: How does the Strategy Pillar use this Radicle-wide strategy to shepherd core teams - while limiting additional operational overhead?

  1. [GUIDING QUESTION D] Criteria: What criteria should the Strategy Pillar use to evaluate and approve work proposed by Core Teams? How often should Core Team work be reviewed?
    1. mission & vision alignment
    2. execution/progress
    3. Inter-team expectations - understanding how other teams define your own success
    4. what are examples of things that we would defund a team for - besides not executing?
      1. Escalation phases - not just one
    5. longer feedback loops with hard cutoff
      1. short-term soft review/alignment
      2. over long-term stop funding if soft solutions don’t work
    6. Mutual accountability between teams:
      1. Not inherent that they coordinate with each other
      2. Open call (monthly/quarterly) for teams to exchange needs/struggles with each other
  2. [GUIDING QUESTION E] Accountability & Health: Should the Strategy Pillar be responsible for holding Core Teams accountable for their work? If yes, how can the Strategy Pillar do this more as a “shepherd” than a “gatekeeper”? Can we achieve this by evaluating the "health" of a core team? What would evaluating “health” of a Core Team look like? If no, what/who should have that role (e.g. another pillar)?
  3. [GUIDING QUESTION F] Onboarding/Offboarding Teams: Should the Strategy Pillar be able to decide whether to onboard/offboard Core Teams? If yes, what criteria should be used? If no, what/who should have that role (e.g. another pillar)?

Questions & Discussion Points: