Databases are massive stores of data that remains inaccessible, and there's a ton of "common" things that a DB should be easily able to do that isn't easy to do at all (even spinning up something like a form connected to your DB is stupidly complicated).

Imagine Wordpress for DBs, where there's a marketplace of plugins that can sit on top of the original DB. These plugins would allow users to spin up stuff like forms, automations, data viz/analysis tools. They can be build, deployed and priced independently.

Business model

Probably a hybrid of $/data or calls to data, and %/transaction in the marketplace

Long term vision

I think it can end up being this all encompassing tool, even for more complicated activities like ETL, and automations, that end up being built in-house. You can also imagine it becoming a knowledge base for the company, and for external stakeholders/users. Right now, we end up essentially having many databases in different sense of the term without even realizing it (we have CRMs for potential users, notion/confluence for knowledge, Mailchimp for mailing lists etc). This can all be centralized, and mega-connected for even deeper business insights about users and customers, and just be infinitely expanded upon with plugins.

Why haven't I worked on this yet

Very engineering heavy. So if a pro engineer wants to join me in building this, I'd definitely love to work on product and design with you on this!