This is our priority!

We only work with reliable sources and persistent over time. Our teams evaluate the methodologies of each source before integrating them into our tool, in order to guarantee you a quality follow-up in complete transparency.

Indeed, the interest of CommoPrices is precisely to bring you authoritative arguments via reliable data in your various negotiations.

<aside> 💡 We are always looking for new sources to offer you the best possible data quality.


But what is the difference between CommoPrices prices and yours?

The sentence is deliberately provocative, but "a price means nothing! “ There are indeed a thousand and one components of a price.

It is impossible to have an exhaustive vision of all the world quotations on a raw material, with all the possible grades, the places of origin, the places of delivery, the quality, the assembly and the financial terms, the respectability of norms and CSR rules on the part of the initial producers, taking into account a long term purchaser-supplier relationship...

The right method is to consider trend information as the only valuable information in your negotiations.

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