As a Data and Growth intern with Sable you will be part of an inclusive team, in the heart of Berlin that is building the bank of the future from the ground up - think N26, focused on supporting immigrants. We're looking for someone passionate about developing insights from numbers to help grow our userbase, and create better experiences for our users.

Our data set is an interesting one. We have low-level data on transactions (where, when and how people shop) and geographical and demographic information. You could use this to send targeted offers to people, or help them be smart with their money by encouraging them to save.

You'll also be supporting overall company wide metrics, answering questions like:

And also, using in-app behavioural data, you'll be trying to understand

If you're interested, supported by a team in New York - you'll be trying to find patterns in behaviour to determine credit-worthiness to improve our credit decisioning model

Tech we use

We rely heavily on Segment, as a way of making it easy to stitch data from different sources together. For storage, we use BigQuery. Most of our analysis is done in Amplitude and Google Analytics. We'd be looking for your help in advising us on new and cool tools to make analysis easy.

What we're looking for