Updated December 15, 2020

This page is about how the Data Standards Body's CX team measures consent quality, comprehension, characteristics, and other research-related information.


The CDR Rules require the consent given by a CDR consumer to be voluntary, express, informed, specific as to purpose, time limited, and easily withdrawn. The OAIC's Australian Privacy Principles Guidelines on consent were used to inform how we defined and assessed consent quality. The following criterion has been used to assess participants' ability to comprehend and remember the terms of their consent. Commonly, participants have been asked to recall their consent:

  1. Immediately after completing the 'original consent' flow
  2. Sometime after their 'original consent' (typically this has ranged from several days to several months after completing the 'original consent' flow)
  3. Immediately after completing the 'amending consent' flow(s)

CDR consents must be:

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'Informed consent' criteria and success metrics

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Assessment method