Tools not listed in this e-library page are external reports, the links for which can be found directly in the main report.

Tool B1: Examples of multi-agency and cross-government data governance and IT working groups

B1 Data Governance Examples.docx

Tool B2: Unified list of potential data sources and institutions to consider linking with for improved population targeting, from a health agency perspective.

B2 Unified list of data sources for linkage.docx

Tool B3: Annotated list of useful interoperability frameworks and guidance

B3 Interoperability Guidance and Frameworks.docx

Tool B4: Folder of example data sharing protocols, inter-agency data request templates, Memoranda of Understanding on data sharing and service level agreements

B4 Folder of example documents

Tool B6: Framework for calculating shared savings between health and non-health agencies from data linkage for population targeting.

B6 Shared Savings Framework.docx

Tool B8: Example versions of data dictionaries and data standards, including international standards/protocols.

B8 Folder of example documents