The Dashboard gives you an overview of your website's general metrics. It shows you aggregate data, segmented by source, user info, page etc.

Users and Sessions

You can hover over the chart to see the counts for each point in time. If the date range you selected is a single day, the data points will show each hour. If the date range is between a day and a month, the data points will show each day. If the date range is more than a month, the data points will show each month.

Other Single-Number Metrics


Each table on the dashboard shows aggregate data segmented by different fields. Hovering over the numbers, you can see that number's percentage. For example, hovering over the sessions column on the pages table shows the percentage of sessions that include that page. These tables are also paginated. HockeyStack displays 10 results per page, but you can access the rest by clicking on the arrow icon on the top right of each table.

Sources Table

The sources table segments sessions by referrer, UTM campaigns and refs. Ads are automatically tracked using UTM parameters and shown on this table.

"Users By" Table

The "users by" table segments sessions by user-specific info such as device, browser, os, language and location.

<aside> ⚠️ The direct that you see in the Sources table is when the visitor does not have a referrer info (some websites do not share this data) or they enter your site directly through the browser.


Pages Table

The pages table shows important metrics for each page.

Automatic Goals

At HockeyStack, our ultimate purpose is to automate as much of the analytics work as possible. The automatic goals table automatically identifies most common actions done by your visitors, so that you can discover hotspots and define important goals with one click.

Sometimes, the table appears to show completely identical goals. In this case, there might be multiple elements with the same text on the same page, but they actually differ by selectors.

Last edited: 28 June 2021

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