One of the most important things on the NuSpace dashboard is navigating through different pages based on roles and permissions. This allows you access only to certain pages and certain sections, thus maintaining utmost confidentiality of data - not only across business partners, but also with groups of users belonging to the same business partner (BP).

Super Admin

  1. The first step to getting access to the dashboard is to have the "super admin" create a business partner account for your organization.
  2. A closed group of people at Imaginate Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. ONLY have the ability to do this. All information needed to create a BP will be asked from you prior to account creation and addition of users.
  3. They create information for you, which includes:
    1. an account (an email login) for you
    2. the logo for the company you represent
    3. the dates of the license that you have purchase
    4. whether you will be using Atom or Assist or both
    5. repository details (this could be the Imaginate Azure cloud, where information is segregated by BPs and data privy to one BP is not shared to another)
    6. Avatars (this is usually any custom or generic avatars that a BP would wish to have assigned to his organization)
    7. A default or a custom feedback form
  4. In addition to being able to create a business partner, the super-admin user can also see versions of the products and the dashboard that are being used and analyse feedback that users may leave when using an Imaginate application. The latest app version is shown to users (with an option to a download link) in case they are using an older version of the app.

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