NovoChat Dashboard lets users check and monitor inbox metrics and performance of all teammates and other agents. Moreover, this will help you measure the inbox statistics and agent performance when replying and resolving a conversations.

Here is what the Dashboard looks like.


Let’s break down one by one 😃

  1. Inbox Status

Inbox Status tells you how many chats or conversations is currently opened, assigned and unassigned. Open is the total message or conversations. Hence, the formula is:

Open = Assigned + Unassigned

  1. Conversation Type

Conversations Type gives you an insight about the channel where the chats or messages is coming from. This depends on how many channels you created in NovoChat. Therefore, the conversations type may show Telegram, WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook Messenger.

<aside> 💡 Do note that the data or metrics shown in the left side (Inbox status and conversation type) stand alone as it is. It does not depend on the particular agent as well as date range. It refers to the all chats in the workspace.


  1. Inbox Performance

Inbox Performance shows the number or percentage of created, assigned, and resolved ticket within a period of time. You can filter the stats by agent and date range to see and check how many messages are assigned and resolved by your agents or teammates.

  1. Agents Performance

Agent Performance helps you check and measure the average response times and resolution time of an agent in a period of time i.e. today, this week, last month, and more. This feature will certainly helps the agent improve their performance and apply some tips and strategies to provide a better customer support.

<aside> ⚡ The percentage change shown in Agent and Inbox Metrics is calculated according to the comparison of the previous data gained from the inbox itself.