I run rebase.ventures where we build and acquire SaaS.

Previously I co-founded MediaCore (ed-tech, sold to Workday inc), Pusher (realtime messaging, sold to MessageBird) and a few other things.

My Companies

Rebase Ventures (Founder) - Building and buying great software. Pusher (Co-Founder. Acquired by MessageBird in 2020) - Realtime messaging platform. MediaCore (Co-Founder. Acquired by Workday in 2015) - Video platform for education. New Bamboo (Co-Founder. Acquired by thoughtbot in 2015) - Digital agency. Panda (Co-Founder. Acquired by Xenon in 2013) - Cloud video processing.


I invest mostly in tech across a range of stages from the earliest within rebase.ventures to public markets.

Direct Investments

Entocycle - Insect farming for fish & animal feed. Mytos - Affordable lab automation. Strateos (seed) - A robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences. Solar for Schools (seed) - Helping every school have solar panels

Rolling Funds

MCJ Collective - 100% climate focused seed fund Earl Grey Capital - Founders of Clearbit

Public Market

My public investments are focused on tech companies which I believe have outstanding products and an internal culture of new product development or growth through acquisition. I've compiled resources used in my research for each company below.

Company Resources