The Privacy Policy is applicable to the websites, App, incidents and other services operated by Dama Live . For convenience sake, said websites, App, incidents and services are hereinafter referred to as the “services” collectively. Specifically, the link of the Privacy Policy is added into all applicable services.

Some of the services might be subject to the privacy policies exclusive for them. Where any specific service shall be subject to its exclusive privacy policy, the exclusive privacy policy (rather the Privacy Policy herein) shall apply.

I、Information Collected by Dama

In order to help you develop interpersonal relations that make sense, we need your personal information and the information about the types of counterpart you wish to know. Accordingly, you will provide the contents we need and you also agree following the directions given by the interface provided by us, and also agree to our profiling of your information. Please note that we will comply with the GDPR and avoid profiling of any sensitive issues (e.g. ethnics, political affiliation, religious belief and sex orientation). When you access our services, by yourself o via a third service provider, we will collect the information about your access to our services (including your access logs and login/access to social media). We hereby provide the details as following.

Information provided by you to us

When you access our services, you will provide us with the specific information including:

By the same token, subject to your prior consent, we will collect your photos and videos, e.g. the photos or videos you wish to post in our services.

Information accessed by us from others

In addition to the information you provided to us, we will also access the information about you from others, including: