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Sep 2022

Sep 29 2022 Reasonable>>Rational.

This holds true especially when you are figuring out if it makes sense to buy a house or rent a house!

<aside> 🗣 “A rational investor makes decisions based on numeric facts. A reasonable investor makes them in a conference room surrounded by co-workers you want to think highly of you, with a spouse you don’t want to let down, or judged against the silly but realistic competitors that are your brother-in-law, your neighbour, and your own personal doubts.

What’s often overlooked in finance is that something can be technically true but contextually nonsense.” - Morgan Housel, Psychology of Money


Sep 27 2022

Navigating life as an entrepreneur, building a new business from scratch and raising a toddler has been quite overwhelming. I have a lot of triggers and I don’t feel great about having those.

There are two ways to deal with triggers - distract or engage. I’m more inclined towards engaging but I’m very harsh on myself when I engage. One important take away from this article for me was ‘Explore the negative sensation with curiosity instead of contempt.’

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Sep 25 2022

‘The ultimate purpose of a debate is not to produce consensus, its to promote critical thinking.’

Are you listening to confirm what you already think? Are you listening in order to discover something new?

May 2022

May 7 2022

I have been living in a slightly isolated place for a few years now. There are very few avenues for me to go ‘outside’ here. So I took this advice and I went inside.


I recently read something contradictory but it was comforting.

<aside> 🧘🏽 *‘It took me a long time to understand that "focusing inward" and trying to "make growth happen" through sheer  effort is exhausting and doesn’t even work very well. It just leaves me even more wrapped up in my own problems and worries. It’s far faster, more effective, and more enjoyable to focus outward on changing my environment.

My personal growth really took off when I started to surround myself with the peers, mentors, and experiences that I knew would bring the best out of me and lead me inevitably toward the person I want to be.*’ — Tiago Forte