<aside> 🥳 Time to lift the curtain!



I've become a lot wiser than when I started The DX Club back in 2019. I've realized I really don't need to do everything myself. So here is my vision along with a call to arms:

What's The DX Club all about?

DX stands for developer experience. It's an ecosystem, designed to improve the lives of developers around the world. More concretely, in 2021, we aim to be a network of support groups for developers (D) to talk about anything and everything (X) under the sun.

If everything's going well for you, you won't find your tribe here. But if you're facing any kind of issues, we're here to lend an ear. We don't promise to solve it, but you can expect some advice from our collective experiences.

There are lots of things you can't openly discuss with people around you. We put you in touch with folks who get what you're going through. Curation is at the heart of our community.

I'm bullish on building a community of safe spaces. This is something I want to outlive me. I've been building communities since 2017. I know the problems first-hand. I've also been reading a lot of literature on this lately. I'll help you align your efforts towards a larger goal (heavily inspired from On Deck). I've laid down a strong foundation with the relationships I've built with 100+ people over the years. And that is a strong leverage in itself. Empathy is my biggest superpower and that too gives me a lot of leverage to build this.

The Core

At the heart of everything lies our meetups. It's a safe space where help is only provided if you ask for it. We default to hearing you out without judgment.