Joining forces with leadership from Lyft, Google, and Tesla to build the future of automotive repair

After raising $40M to build a few moonshot startups from scratch, some of the brightest minds on the internet like Jon McNeil, Sami Shalabi, John Sweigart, and Karim Bousta approached us to help build, launch, and iterate on Curbee - a service which takes the hassle out of owning a car

Because of our past experience with Fiix, it was the perfect match and within just a few short months Curbee was released to the world. The working relationship between Lazer and Curbee has been seamless and Lazer continues to work closely with the team on strategy, feature development, and even new ventures under the DVX umbrella!

A home to manage the health of your car

After a home, a car is the average persons 2nd largest expense, but unlike the home, the average person doesn't maintain their investment well because vehicle ownership is frustrating, cumbersome, and filled with bad actors

Through the Curbee app, we built a home where you could subscribe your car to a plan, have a technician visit monthly to clean and maintain it, see its overall health score, view repair history, and book one off services

Through the power of React and Next.js, this server rendered web app is built to load quickly and has no page refreshes when moving through it, making a website feel as crisp as a native app!

Deep integration with Stripe

Payments are hard! For this project, we built a deep integration with Stripe to manage users credit cards, multiple subscriptions per user (one per vehicle), invoicing, and payment history

The Curbee backend even uses Stripe webhooks to update data so admins can use the stripe UI to manage subscriptions, empowering cross functional work across the org