Manifesto (DRAFT)


Requirements to be a Crypto Sapiens Community Member and/or Project Contributor are being discussed in our server. Additional details can be found throughout the documentation here in our Notion Workspace and Governance docs.


  1. Join our Discord server, agree to the Community Rules, and pass verification.

  2. Select your interests in #role-select to opt-in to the relevant community discussion channels.

    1. Introduce yourself by posting in the #🤝introductions channel on Discord. Consider using this framework to share about yourself:
      1. I - interests ⚽ N - needs (to do best work) ⚡ T - top reason for being here ⬆️ R - relevant experience 🧠 O - other (anything you want) 🌟
  3. Register as a contributor to be eligible to receive remuneration for your contributions.

  4. Familiarize yourself with our server by reviewing the #channel-guide, reading through past posts and interacting with others. Check out the ‣ and it doesn't hurt to continue reading through these project docs, either. 😉

    1. You should receive the contributor tag in Discord via a reply to your INTRO post from step 3 within five days. If you don't hear from us by then, please open a support ticket and tag. [NEED TO INSTALL A FORMS/TICKETING BOT]
  5. Get the Contributor role tag, then head over to the Production channels on Discord. You should review everything in #production-start-here and make sure you understand how we collaborate. If you have any questions please communicate them as appropriate.

  6. Consider which workgroups you would like to join. When you're ready, head over to #wg-role-select and add the relevant role(s) to your profile. Make a brief intro post in the associated WG production channel and complete any WG-specific onboarding requirements. The WG Core Contributor(s) will help guide you toward bounties appropriate for your skill level and experience.

  7. Claim bounties on DeWork and maintain communication with other WG contributors to provide updates and get feedback/guidance on your participation.

<aside> 🧠 It's your responsibility as a Crypto Sapien to identify your own strengths & weaknesses as a contributor. However, we strive to provide honest, frequent, and constructive feedback to each other because we aim to collaboratively steward each other's success.


<aside> 🧠 If this all feels overwhelming right now, don’t stress! Just drop into the intro channel and take it from there with guidance!