This is a really simple project you can conduct in your own house with basic household materials. In this project, you will make your own physical fingerprint out of liquid glue which you can then use to examine for yourself or to attempt to unlock fingerprint scanners you have in your house (with a high chance of failure for most modern phones). You can check out this article I wrote and this video I made, where I not only explain the project but touch a bit on the history and characteristics of a fingerprint, so without further ado, let's go!


What are fingerprints?

Here is a summary of what fingerprints and fingerprint recognition are:

In this project, we will be replicating your fingerprint out of a glue-based mold with these simple materials. The reason we use liquid glue as a material is because of its smooth elastic properties that are similar to the plastics we use for 3D printing, making it a cost-efficient material.

Materials required: