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This proposal is to fund provide a grant for the research and development of a Dope Wars game engine on StarkNet validity proof (ZK-STARK) rollup (Ethereum L2) using Cairo. The reward from this proposal is cosponsored by Starkware who have graciously offered to match the DAO contribution.


@perama has been working on an implementation of Dope Wars on Starknet. Background mechanism design notion can be found here, initial exploration / walkthrough viability testing blog here, and a current working repository:

GitHub - dopedao/RYO: Dope Wars game engine on StarkNet L2 roll-up

Formally funding this work would serve to fairly compensate the author for their work as well as derisk the project’s delivery, and accelerate its development.


Iteration on game mechanism design.

Work on building out engine, progressively adding function and evaluating/reviewing game architecture to suit the constraints of the platform.


Fulfiller @perama

Witnessed the DOPE project take flight and loved the energy of the crew. Compelled to join in and tie community energy with coordination technology.


3 months: 9/13/21 - 12/13/21