Selected unreleased work created 2014-2018 in Linnton, OR and Tucson, AZ

"I just read an inspiring interview with Dakim where he talks about sharing work before doubts arise. A couple of months ago I completed The Artist's Way, which has been so huge for me in recognizing and dissing the wack inner voice trying to silence our creativity. So when I randomly found this folder of beats one morning, I immediately knew what to do. Hyped and honored to share. CREW!"

A bit more aka the TMI version…

I was having a really hype morning. Drinking coffee in the studio, jamming beats and freestyling over some new stuff. Don’t really know how but I looked up at the screen and had accidentally opened this folder of beats. I paused for a sec, having heard them a bunch years ago but never had a plan to share. I tapped into my more recent vibes of being happy with what we create and ok with sharing it.

From there, within ~30 minutes I had the cover and concept done and shared the project a couple of days later on my mom’s B-Day! Even got to rally with some crew how to share and some of the design elements.

Sometimes I like to think of good reasons to not share stuff and laugh… why wouldn’t this come out? It’s legit been so much fun and totally rehyped me on sharing more stuff and working on stuff with the crew. So worth it for those reasons alone!

I chose to go as judgment-free as I could with the tracks. Definitely keeping in mind it’s important to edit, but also being ok with some stuff that might feel weird. Letting folks form their own opinions about it – something I think so many of our favorite artists do.

Put stuff out and move on. Have some fun sharing and keep having fun making newshit.



Released March 4, 2020

cover inspo and forgotten costumes 😭😭

cover inspo and forgotten costumes 😭😭