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last updated: 13 August 2021

This page lists some resources for the DF64/G-iota/Solo/Turin grinder. The DF64 is a single dose grinder at a very affordable price, but it definitely has some shortcomings. The following tweaks or mods will be able to make minor to substantial improvements in grind consistency, workflow and retention.

Contact me at discord @Zell#0815 if you discover anything new to add to the list!

Table of contents:

1. Burr alignment

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2. Reduce retention / prevent clogging

The clump crusher (or flaps) in the DF64 is the culprit for high retention as well as potential clogging at the exit area (click for image). The flaps are 2 thick layers of silicone, which is why you need to pump the bellow very hard and many times to blow the grinds out. Some modifications below can reduce the retention and prevent clogging.

To start, we need to know how to disassemble and access the clump crusher.