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<aside> 🖼️ DES INV 198


<aside> 🏫 Jacobs Room 10


<aside> ✏️ 2 Units P/NP


<aside> 🕕 Wed 6:30-8PM PST


About the DeCal

The Decal is a graphic design class, with an emphasis on branding. Over the semester, each student will come up with a brand concept for a company/business that's imaginary or real.

Students will cultivate skills of conceptualizing and visualizing, and learn the basic skills of graphic design as a means to make those ideas a reality. They will also learn about branding, and how to use graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma.

Students walk away with a branding project they can add to their portfolio. Check out Fall 2020's and Spring 2020's works!



Local Transit, by Chenghao Meng, FA'20


La Roue, by Tucker Beachem, FA'20

Fall 2022