Joelle Phua Life Coaching

At Joelle Phua Life Coaching, the foundation of our organisation is diversity and inclusivity. We exist to uplift women (incl other groups/identifications), and women of colour especially, to be confident and fulfilled in themselves so, in turn, they can uplift and empower others.

Here is exactly how we will uphold our business mission, values and ethics.

  1. We acknowledge, experience and know the very tangible impacts of racism, capitalism and the patriarchy. We acknowledge that oppressive structures, such as White supremacy and racism, exists both in ourselves as individuals but also in our team.
  2. We encourage healthy discussion around (including but not exclusive to) the above topics to reflect on our own biases even though those conversations may be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable results in growth as individuals and as a team. However, we do not tolerate prejudice or hate speech of any kind (racial, homophobic, religious etc).
  3. We commit to continually educating ourselves through books, documentaries and resources such as The Great Unlearn, which we are a member of.
  4. We commit to having inclusive marketing, hiring and onboarding processes to ensure all that come into contact with us feel seen and heard. Through this, we will ensure that every aspect of our company is inclusive and diverse.
  5. We acknowledge that equality of opportunity is not sufficient. Instead, we are committed to strive for equity (fairness, not dependent on the ability to pay) through our payment plans, sliding scale pricing and Transformative Coaching Fund (email me for my full service suite).
  6. We acknowledge that we will not be perfect. Even so, we are committed to being an anti-racist, open and honest team that is willing to be corrected and to change.
  7. This Diversity & Inclusivity Statement is a living and breathing document. We are continually learning and this statement may change according to our expanding understanding of DEI***.

If you have questions on any of the above, please email and we’ll aim to respond as soon as we can.