<aside> 🧭 Daolationships Guild Purpose

Atract, Retain, Develop talents in buidling recirocal relationships

<aside> 🛎️ DAOLationships Department Services

💬 Build relationships between Bankless DAO and other DAOs, companies, and organizations that are aligned with the mission and vision of Bankless DAO.

💬 Grow Bankless DAO to become the industry leader in cross-DAO relationships, being the "super connector DAO" that supports Web3 organizations.

💬 Identify key partners at other organizations who can make an impact by being involved in our community


<aside> ⚖️ We Value We maximize value by maximizing the Bankless Guilds' impact to the outside world.

💬 Courage & Altruism

💬 Trust & Verification

💬 Respect & Reciprocity

💬 Leadership & Followership

💬 Autonomy & Self Organization


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