What Is This Page?

This page is a living document that attempts to ease pressure on the biggest pain points that BanklessDAO has. It's a set of best practices that if we generally agree upon, will streamline the flow of ideas to action. DAOisms are very much a work in progress; feedback is welcome (see Forum post linked above).


Ultimately, the DAOisms attempt to help individuals and teams achieve success through two key principles:


The ability for an individual or team to initiate work with as little friction as possible that provides value to the DAO's mission.


Organic Orchestrating

The ability for an individual or team to collaborate across the DAO to gather the resources it needs to execute.


What are DAOisms

One of the very first problems BanklessDAO had was managing the flow of activity and ideas happening simultaneously. Everyone wanted to do things. Some community members started noticing patterns in where people were getting stuck. Places like:

This led to the formation of the DAOisms. DAOisms define best practices when trying to accomplish a common task. DAOisms are not meant to stifle activity with guidelines, but ease common points of friction by providing infrastructure to quickly go from idea to action.