DAO Heat is an inter-guild collaboration project featuring the hottest writing and designs.

There will be three stages to each edition of the contest:

  1. Writing Contest: A format (such as a short essay, poem, etc) and the theme will be chosen for each writing contest. Three winners will be chosen from this contest.
  2. Design Contest: The design contest will be based on the first prize writing piece. Designs will be submitted in accordance with that. Again, three winners will be chosen from this contest.
  3. NFT Creation: The winning design will then be converted into an NFT. Limited editions of the NFT will be sold. And the best part…..the winning writer and designer get a 10% cut each from the NFT sale proceeds.

Website: DAOHeat.com

Twitter: @DAO_Heat

Contest Winners



Epoch 0 winner -



DAO Beatz

Role Holders

Project Champion: FreedomFighter

Designs and NFT Coordinator: Chrisfcrypto

Writers Guild Coordinator: Cheetah

Design Guild Coordinator: NFThinker

Treasurer: theconfusedcoin

Operations: AceBeautii


Strategic Info


Meeting Times

DAO Heat: Thursdays 2pm (UTC)

DAO Beatz: Mondays 5pm (UTC)

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes