Reviewed 11/4/2021 with the DAO Dash Team and approved unanimously via meeting consensus and Discord Poll Consensus 11/5/2021


This Governance Framework will serve to guide the members of the DAO Dash Project in all things regarding the organization and the management of labor and funding within DAO Dash.



Members of the Analytics Guild are encouraged to “actively contribute” to the success of the Project which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Attending and participating in meetings
  2. Voting on polls, roles, and any decisions affecting the project
  3. Actively working on data analysis, requirements, and/or data engineering
  4. Brainstorming and contributing to the creative process
  5. Managing administrative tasks
  6. Working on external partnerships, grants, sales opportunities


DAO Dash Multisig:

A multi-sig exists for the purpose of receiving and distributing funds to execute the consensus of the project team. The multi-sig holders will be evaluated on a per season basis.


Roles will be set on a per-season basis, per the Season Spec document. These roles will be executed by project team members who are highly involved in the project (at least 15 hours per week).