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Dear Bankless Nation,

In the past decade, the working class has increasingly shifted towards part-time employment. With discrete tasks and a burgeoning gig economy, both workers and employers are realizing that work is modular.

In the digital age, where creative work can be done from anywhere, we’ve seen the gig economy adapt itself to Web 3, dubbed as the creator economy.

DAOs, as digital organizations, are well poised to aggregate and coordinate the larger creator economy. Better yet, DAOs are positioned to capture value from your labor and distribute it back to you.

This is where Web2 companies will fail against DAOs. By nature, DAOs are community-owned, governed, and grown.

Dive in with Lucas as we explore the various ways that you can earn a living by working for a DAO, on your own terms.

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Bankless Writer: Lucas Campbell, Editor for Bankless & Core Contributor at Bankless DAO

DAOs are digital communities with a shared mission and treasury. Over the past year, we’ve really seen this sector come into fruition with the rise of protocol DAOs like Uniswap and Sushi—which hold billions of dollars in capital—while also seeing the emergence of new community-driven social DAOs like Friends with Benefits and Bankless DAO.