Step 1: Watch short clips from famous Czech illustrators

<aside> 🔖 Note: Some videos have to be played on the YouTube website. Click the link Play on YouTube.


Josef Čapek

Cyril Bouda

Adolf Born

Jiří Trnka

Radek Pilař

Helena Zmatlíková

Ondřej Sekora

Zdeněk Miler

Vladimír Jiránek

Step 2: Choose an illustrator you like and find out more about them

You can look on Wikipedia or elsewhere. Czech Wikipedia will have more information and you can compare it with English wikipedia.

Step 3: Write a short profile in Czech about them, using some of these structures

<aside> ⚠️ You can use Wikipedia for the information but do not just copy whole sentences. Construct them on your own from the building blocks below.