Last Updated: October 10, 2022

🚨 Cyber Grants has paused applications for the time being. Thanks to everyone who applied. We will begin accepting new applications in 2023.🚨

👋 Introduction 👋

As part of our commitment to promoting the Web3 social ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce Cyber Grants, an inclusive developer grants program focused on funding development and research efforts building on the CyberConnect social graph.

The CyberConnect team has allocated USD $500,000 to the Cyber Grants program to support the growth of the developer ecosystem.

For more information about CyberConnect, please visit our website or explore the developer center.

⚠️  Guidelines ⚠️

We invite everyone to apply for a Cyber Grant. While the type and stage of projects eligible to be funded are broad, our priority is to support strong technical projects that add value to our protocol and ecosystem.

How to increase your chances to get funded:

🎯 Evaluation Criteria 🎯

  1. Application Quality Is your application all-encompassing and clearly covers all aspects of your project including goals, challenges, team experience, etc?

  2. Grant Amount Request + Budget Breakdown Does your application clearly explain how you will use the funds should you receive a grant? Make sure your budget is broken down in milestones.

  3. Design, Function, and Security Did you clearly explain how the user experience (if applicable), user-facing and back-end functioning as well as security infrastructure of your project will be?

  4. Uniqueness Why is your project unique and what problem are you solving?

  5. Documentation Even the most high-quality code can prove useless if it lacks proper documentation. How do you plan on documenting your work and whether it will be publically available for the community to use or work upon?

Note: Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis and we will interview team leads when necessary before making a decision.