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About Minut

Minut makes a sensor and platform for Airbnb hosts and property managers of all sizes to monitor and automate their short-term rental business.

Airbnb has enabled millions of travelers to experience the world like locals. Unfortunately, they don’t always behave like locals. Parties, noise, and crowding cause conflicts in communities, damage to properties and fines, or even lost rental permits for hosts. Minut detects and solves 94% of these issues while respecting the privacy of guests. We’re the clear market leader and we are the noise monitoring solution recommended by Airbnb.

Hosts get peace of mind, neighbors peace and quiet, and guests can enjoy their stay in privacy.

We are looking for an additional team member with great customer service and problem-solving skills to join the support team.


As a part-time in customer support, I especially value the flexibility and the culture of appreciation that comes along with working here. No matter your position, you are part of the team and your voice is being heard!

- Belinda, former customer support team member