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About this Role

We are a fast-growing invoicing and accounting startup, seeking a Customer Success Intern who is excited about helping SMEs achieving their business goal. In this role, you will be the first contact our clients (businesses) make with Vencru. You will ensure that customers consistently use Vencru and input 100% of their data as accurately as possible. You will be responsible for ensuring that our clients have a seamless support experience over the phone, live chat, and emails. This includes handling incoming issues and working with other teams to troubleshoot problems

Following the internship, there will be the ability to discuss a longer-term role. A monthly stipend will be offered as initial compensation.

What you will be doing

  1. Potential Customers: Proactively reach out to website visitors and leads generated to provide knowledge of the Vencru value, and address
    1. Establish and maintain good rapport with customers by using positive language and anticipating or addressing their needs.
  2. Vencru Customers: Ensure that 75% of users who set up a profile on Vencru are still using it by the end of their first week. Support users so that they capture 100% of their data in Vencru
    1. Send a personalized welcome message to each business owner who creates a profile
    2. Provide platform training and onboarding for new and existing users.
    3. Follow up periodically with users to maintain an annual churn rate of 40% or lower
  3. Be a trusted advisor for the most active users and help their businesses grow
    1. Recommend new services/solutions or make suggestions for improvements by identifying relevant features and benefits
    2. Learn our product to configure the platform to meet the needs of new users.
    3. Maintain updated knowledge of the organization’s products, services, and customer service policies.
  4. Interface with internal stakeholders to ensure an effective resolution process for customers/stakeholders.
  5. Be a team player
    1. Internal NPS of 9 or above from your teammates
    2. Participate in all monthly 360 feedback sessions
    3. Continuously learn by participating in 6 relevant webinars or by reading 6 relevant books per year and share what you learned with the team at monthly lunch & learns and/or through a blog post.
    4. Recruit at least one awesome person to join our team; assist in the hiring and training of additional Customer Success Associates
    5. Work with product and tech teams to develop and implement product improvements

Experience and required skills