Specifically in Enterprise B2B, involving customers early during Product Discovery may turn out to be very beneficial for both, the customers as well as the product team. Customer Discovery Program is a method to implement such an involvement.


Involving Customers in Discovery

Recall that Product Discovery is essentially an iterative process to reduce uncertainties around a customer problem or product idea. The objective is to mitigate Understanding the Four Risks in Product Development before investing heavily into Product Delivery.

A Customer Discovery Program (CDP) applies this concept by working together with selected customers during such a Product Discovery iteration. So, essentially, a CDP means involving interested customers in the journey as described for Double Diamond or Adaptable Product Discovery. Such a program mostly makes sense for bigger topics, themes that are continued over a longer period of time.


We are discovering and developing a set of reference customers in parallel with discovering and developing the actual product.

Specifically, the Customer Discovery Program may help


The Customer Discovery Program does not