We’re looking for someone to come in and extend Amie’s attention to detail and willingness to try new things to how we handle customer success. If you’re more senior with prior experience from working in customer success, this role will be your opportunity to completely define how Amie works with customer success by marrying your strong convictions and believes with Amie’s way of doing things. We’d love for a person to come in with the ambition of building a customer success team that other companies gawk at and look to for inspiration.

If you’re more junior we also encourage you to apply if you think you’d be a great fit. We’d love to see examples of past work or side projects with explanations for how you think they’d be useful for this role. We want to make it easy to move around within Amie so we’d be happy to have you whether you view this as the role for you or if you’d be curious to transition to something within design or engineering after leaving your mark in customer success.

People have gotten really excited about Amie for our attention to design and detail, our hope is that this role will get people equally excited about Amie for how well we handle customer success.

One of our biggest challenge in the next year will be how to keep up with the growing number of customer inquiries without simply scaling the team linearly (could be achieved via automation, AI or any other method). Offering clear, thoughtful solutions to this problem will be one of the main indicators when hiring for this role.

Some things we believe will make you a good fit for the role: