Notion, like most of the tools, has it's limitations when it comes to staying organized. To use some tricks, it requires some imagination and here I try to list all the formats I come up. I can't promise to always remember to even follow them.


I really got the idea of checklists after reading this article and reading the book Every tool's a hammer where that article is from. Highly recommend to read it to learn the power of checklists.

The problem is that there is one checklist type in Notion and there are two modes. It's either on or off. There is no half colored check boxes. That is why I came up that bullet point is checkbox that's not colored at all, empty checkbox is half marked checkbox, and filled is just filled.


Sometimes I don't want to write anything into a document but keep it as a way to group similar things together. Because it will look like every other document, it might not be obvious that there are a lot of content inside it. That is why I decided to create a format to mark that a document is just a folder for other documents.

[Folder] <name of the folder>


When creating a list and adding stuff over time, it's often good to put new stuff at the beginning of list instead of the end because the newest stuff is more interesting and needing to scroll to the end would be too cumbersome. I decided that I will use three dots at the beginning of a list when the idea is to add new content there.


Own comments

Often times I take notes from a website and I need a way to separate my own thoughts from the website or book writer's thoughts and I do it by using callout block.

<aside> 💡 This is a callout block where I put my own thoughts if the page is otherwise about taking notes of someone else's thoughts.